Funding the future.

Why Vseed?

Substantial Deal Flow

Using Earthbound as a platform and Aquagro Fund’s track record, Vseed Ventures has the experience, network, and know-how necessary to target and assemble a promising portfolio.

Limited Number of Commercialization Funds

Vseed Ventures is the only investment company in Israel which specializes in providing financing to help commercialize technologies in the food-tech, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail fields.

Experienced Management Team

Our management team leveraged by the synergy between Earthbound & Aqua-Agro has a proven track record in investment and commercialization of disruptive technologies in the global & local Food-tech, Agri-tech and consumer goods sectors.

Attractive Ecosystem

The Israeli technology landscape is flourishing. Israel provides an ecosystem in which Life Sciences, Plant and Food Sciences, Health and Personal Care, Sustainable Agriculture Solutions and Water technologies are growing tremendously. Our platform strives to capitalize on these technologies by approaching multinationals with innovative tech solutions tailored towards their specific needs.

How It Works

Our 3 headed monster.

  • Vseed Ventures

    Vseed Ventures invests in these promising technologies, which have enormous implications in the business world and beyond. As Earthbound’s seed investment company, Vseed was built in response to the success of Earthbound Technologies & Earthbound Brands. Vseed has also now partnered with AquaAgro Fund. Learn more by clicking the icon above.

  • Earthbound Technologies (Israel)

    Earthbound Technologies was created in collaboration with Unilever to serve as their Open Innovations port in Israel. Earthbound Technologies scouts and facilitates need-driven, disruptive technologies for the world’s largest corporations.

  • Earthbound Brands

    Earthbound has strategic partnerships with leading retailers and multinationals. They maintain close relationships with top executives who are looking for exciting and innovative solutions to help solve a myriad of business challenges.